Psychotherapy Terms and Conditions


  1. Sessions are usually offered on a weekly basis at a time and place agreeable to both of us.


  1. Missed sessions, other than those which have been agreed in advance, must be paid for. I usually need at least 24 hours notice of cancellation.


  1. Fees, which will be agreed at the start of the psychotherapy relationship, are payable in cash or by cheque. Long-term clients can arrange to pay by BACS if this is more convenient.


  1. All clients have my phone details, but their use is limited to the arrangement/rearrangement of session times etc. unless phone contact has been agreed in advance.


  1. I am happy to receive emails from clients, but I don’t guarantee to respond before the next session.



  1. Everything which is discussed in sessions is confidential, unless I have reason to suspect that you are going to harm yourself or someone else, in which case I will need to contact your GP. I will always let you know if I intend to do this.


  1. If you want to stop coming to see me, this is fine, but I would recommend you to have at least one ‘finishing off’ session (Depending on how long we’ve been working together.)