Couple-work 360

Exploring sexual relationships: –


From the ground upwards

From the top downwards

From the inside outwards

From the outside inwards

Introductory Day


Geoff Lamb and

Helena Løvendal-


Sunday 9th April 2017

Hampstead NW3


Sex is not romance; romance is not love; love is not sex.

Falling in love can be a trick we play on ourselves – we project onto the other person some part of ourselves: an idealised image of the perfect love object. When the magic stops working, we all know the shock and pain of discovering our partner as an ordinary and flawed person, just like ourselves.

Loving is not a trick and it does not end, but learning to love takes practice and time; something our culture ignores in its focus on romantic love and sex. In a healthy intimate relationship, the ‘in-love’ state ripens into a mutual loving.

Falling out of love is where the real adventure starts, but this can lead to the wrong kind of excitement (affairs, swinging etc.) and end with both partners feeling lost.

Most couples seek help because of a problem in their relationship. Our approach offers you a chance to transform these problems into opportunities and to make the transition from ‘in love’ to mature and lasting loving.

Loving couple holdind on the hands and sunset

This work will challenge you to explore the following questions: –

How does your sexual relationship present itself to the world?

How does it feel on the inside?

How are the two connected?

How is your relationship constructed – what is the framework?

What are its foundations – how is it rooted?

Who are the two sexual people in this sexual relationship?


We are offering a day of introduction to this innovative approach to couple-work at a discounted price of £140 per couple. It is then our intention to offer a series of six more day workshops, at intervals of between four and six weeks, to support couples in their relationship transformation.

For more information, contact Geoff via the contact page on this website.